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Considering Drug Addiction Treatment for Your Teen?

Ask if the Program Tests its Employees for Drug Use

Residential treatment programs that help teens with drug or alcohol problems can be the one, last salvation for a child that might otherwise succumb to self-destruction. These programs and schools, if operated properly, create a therapeutic treatment environment in which the addicted teen can face his or her issues, choose to change the course of his or her young life, and in effect, be saved.

However, the very component of any treatment program's greatest strength, its employees, can also be the downfall of any program if its human resources are not properly hired, effectively trained, and wisely managed. Signs of problems in these areas are abundant among programs that have struggled with catastrophic events. They are common enough that their stories effectively scare parents away from good and bad programs alike.

And yet, ironically, when parents and educational consultants are sincerely seeking the best treatment options, reviewing programmatic histories, inquiring with state licensors, and seeking references from former clients, they almost universally fail to ask whether or not the residential treatment program actively engages in its own workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Why would this be such an important question? Aside from the obvious (you don't want your addicted child being treated by an addict), it is one of the most effective ways to screen out programs that are too lax regarding their employment policies. If they are relaxed with this one, critically important policy (considering who their clientele are), how relaxed might they be with other policies and processes?

Consider this: When I employ anyone, at any professional level, in a treatment program, I will be flooded with positive references, amazing accomplishments, impressive work records, etc. But the one, all-important reference, which cannot be altered by a solid education and a great personality, is the chemical nature of what bubbles beneath the skin of my applicants: their blood.

By extending my employment process to seriously engage in asking about, then testing for drug use, while gaining absolute commitment to a drug and alcohol-free environment through my employment application, I can prevent many otherwise fantastic applicants from ever being hired. Then, once employed, they can reasonably expect that I will continue workplace drug and alcohol testing. Why? Managers are trained on signs of drug and alcohol abuse, and know exactly what should be done if such signs present themselves in the work environment. Staff members (some of whom, who may have legally made it through pre-employment screening, may be recovering addicts themselves) are regularly trained on how to avoid being triggered by students who glorify drug use.

And finally, all employees are witness to (and subject to) random drug testing.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing, well-implemented, protects not only the school, but its teen clients. You and your consultant should ask about it. Consultants should add such questions to the volley of inquiries they make when visiting treatment programs and interviewing staff members. Problems with staff-initiated drug and alcohol problems have occurred in treatment settings. You and your child can avoid such a setting if you are well-prepared to ask the right questions.

This article was written by Avisha, a writer for Integrity Sampling, Australia's leading workplace drug testing and alcohol testing company, providing Australia with a wide array of services to businesses and organizations.

Often associated with disorders, life experiences, and resultant behavioral issues, drug addiction is rarely a solitary problem. Does your teen exhibit any of the following behaviors? If your teen is struggling with any of these issues, get help now.
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InsightPros has long been recognized as a leader in the delivery of private treatment services to families in the United States. As you come to know us you will see that our primary interest is in the long-term healing of your child. We specialize in knowing the best post-detox, drug addiction treatment centers for troubled teens throughout the country. These treatment centers focus primarily upon helping recovering teen addicts catch up with academics, engage in transitional therapy, vocational development, and prepare to return to the home environment.

Is a drug addiction treatment center's distance from your home an issue? It shouldn't be. Drug addiction treatment centers are a costly investment in your child's future. Placement in a treatment program is a difficult choice for many reasons. But don't short-change your child, nor this unique opportunity to bring solutions to his or her life.

We employ a thorough process of identifying, planning, and implementing effective and strategic healing for troubled teens and their families. Drug addiction treatment centers, as residential placement, expect their students to successfully transition back to local therapy, and hopefully a healthy local environment. Unlike other "industry leaders" in our field, we provide a unique relationship with you and your local community in our efforts to save your child. Contact us and see how.

Our mission is to gather as much relevant information as possible about your teen, then plan for academic, therapeutic, and placement options appropriate to your teen's and your family's needs.

We travel throughout the United States visiting and evaluating drug addiction treatment centers. Our consultants keep current with program offerings, changes, and philosophies at a wide variety of drug addiction treatment centers.

InsightPros communicates with you, our families on a regular basis to provide a high level of service and feedback. Your teen's interests are considered foremost in making our recommendations to drug addiction treatment centers.

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